Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feeling Useless? You Are Worthy in GOD's eyes

There are times in my life that I felt like a piece of garbage, useless, only make things worse. Even the slightest negative comment from a close friend can make it worse, make me feeling more useless. Fail is common in human life, but when this failure affect people I love, I grew insecure and inferior. This is a very unpleasant experience, a very heart-aching feelings.

Often when I feel I'm useless, it so easy to make a bad decision like ending my life by consuming too much sleep pills. It seems that death is more pleasant than bear this feeling. This problem will end when death come. Then suddenly, I remember how God love me, He had sacrifice Himself for me, how can I ended my life when God had died for me to live? I'm worthy in HIS eyes, so worthy that HE gave His most precious to save me from sin and death. 

My live is not mine anymore, it belong to GOD for HE had pay the price when He died in the cross. No matter how imperfect I am, no matter how many flaws I had, He still love me, I am precious and worthy in HIS eyes. GOD's love is the source of strength that I ever needed, even if live seems so much hard to bear, even if there's so many problem, I always know that God will help me. everyday walking with HIM is sweeter than anything in this world, and I will be forever grateful for His love for me.

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